Faith in Action

Working in Partnership with the Church in Africa

Relief Consignments
We are seeking to love, respect and encouragement to churches overseas through sending out consignments of relief aid. These consignments are currently being sent to a church group in Malawi who oversee the distribution of these consignments in Malawi and Mozambique.
All the items that we send are prepared, packed and documented by a number of packing groups which have been set up throughout the UK.  Each group packs and documents their own boxes according to  
One of our Packing Groups (above)
A finished Container Consignment (below)
our instructions, so that good standards and unity are maintained.
We also refurbish sewing machines and send these to a number of countries through other organizations.
To date we have sent 133 x 20ft container consignments to five different countries in East Africa, which is equivalent to about 92,696 boxes. We now send smaller consignments with another charity who also sends consignments to Malawi.
A finished Box of Clothing
For information about our relief consignments please click on the photograph (right)
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