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Wells: During years of drought, women may have to walk for many hours to find water and many water-sources are contaminated. Water is carried in large buckets on their heads which can cause neck and spine injuries.

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Wind-Pump Irrigation: Wind-pumps have the potential to reverse the drastic consequences of climate change in Africa. One windmill will enable farmers to irrigate 50 acres of land and also to grow two crops each year instead of one. These wind-pumps drive a pump which draws water up through a well and into a concrete reservoir. Plastic piping circulates the water to fields on a rotation basis.

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Windmill Pump Community Projects:  We have added to the Wind-Pump Irrigation and made it into a community project which will benefit the whole village. Funds for this project are given as a loan. The fifty farmers who benefit from the irrigation agree to sell half of the two crops grown each year, and the funds gained are used to provide for local community projects. The full loan is repaid after the first five harvests and is used to set up further community projects.

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Our wells are built to a depth of 40 metres and so they should not dry up even during drought years. We use Afridev pumps, the spare parts for which can be bought in local markets. We train a committee from each village to maintain the well.      To download a leaflet, click on the photograph.