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Orphan Support: We provide one male and two female goats for families who foster orphans. Families build their own kraal and give their first kid to another family. Goats thrive in Africa and need little veterinary care.

Each female goat will produce two kids twice each year. If all these kids are sold, a yearly income of £288 can be gained. However, if one female kid is kept each year, a yearly income of £1,584 can be gained by the tenth year.              To download a leaflet, please click of the photograph.

Crop Diversification: The staple food grown in southern Malawi is maize but this crop takes 135-145 days to mature and requires good rainfall. Over recent years this crop has consistently failed. We are providing six different crops which mature quicker, need less rain, and/or produce higher yields than local maize. For example, Masika maize matures in almost half the time and produces a yield six times higher that local maize. Other crops, such as Soya beans and ground nuts provide protein and add nitrogen to the soil.      Click of photograph.

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Family Business Loan Scheme: Many people have valuable skills but often lack the finances to buy the materials required and to travel to a market to sell their goods. We are providing small interest-free loans which enable skilled families to set up profitable businesses. A renewable six-month contract is secured for the sale of the items made.

Current businesses include: Tinsmiths, mat and basket-making, carpentry, Poultry feeder-making, poultry-keeping, and canoe-making.

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