Faith in Action

Working in Partnership with the Church in Africa

Miscellaneous Projects    Gifts £11-£281
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25 Tree Saplings: Trees benefit the environment and when planted alongside rivers, they reduce the silt being washed into them. This will reduce flooding.

Mosquito Nets

Reference No: PH4

Cost:  £11

50 Msangu Saplings

Reference No: MP5

Cost:  £11
Mosquito Nets protect people from malaria and save lives. Gifts are paid into a high-interest account and the monthly interest is used to buy mosquito       
25 Tree Saplings       Gift Reference MP4        Cost £11
50 Msangu Saplings: These   trees are used in agro-forestry to fix nitrogen in the soil and thus to increase crops yields. [Payment to be received by 1st June.]

One Bicycle Ambulance

Reference No: MP3

Cost:  £281

One Bicycle Ambulance:  These ambulances enable sick people to be taken to hospital from villages where only bicycles are available. They are kept with the local pastor and lent without charge to the whole village.