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Working in Partnership with the Church in Africa

Business Loan Schemes page 2         Gifts £41-£81
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One Poultry Business

Reference No: BSL6

Cost:  £81
One Poultry Business: This loan provides 50 chicks, food, vaccines, housing, fencing and transport to a place of sale. Chicks take 6-8 weeks to reach table weight.
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One Poultrry Feeder Business

Reference No: BSL4

Cost:  £81
One Poultry Feeder Business: The  loan provides for materials and tools, as well as training. A contract is secured with a company who will buy these feeders.

One Canoe Business: Canoes are made from either tree trunks or planks of wood. They can be used for crossing crocodile-infested rivers or sold to fishermen.

One Canoe Business      Gift Reference BSL8      Cost £61