Faith in Action

Working in Partnership with the Church in Africa

Brochures:  All our brochures are also available to download, save, and print as a doubled-sided, triple-folded, brochure. Please click on under-lined word to download each available PDF file.  [These files need to printed on both sides of 100gm or 120gm paper (to stop ink leaking on to other side of paper), and then folded to produce a  brochure.  [Turn paper on to inner side, fold in right third, and then left side to form brochure.]


  1.  Faith in Action Brochure                                           
  2. ‘Can we make Poverty History?’ Brochure
  3.  Financial Policy Brochure

Forms:  All forms should be printed on A4 (portrait orientation) paper.  Some are single-sided, some double-sided.  Please click of under-lined word to download.


  1. Gift Aid Declaration Form
  2. Regular Giving and Bankers’ Order Form
  3. Alternative Gift Order Form

Literature (continued)

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