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Alternative Gift Scheme

Sometimes, when we ask our family or friends what they would like as a gift on birthdays, or Christmas, the response can be a little vague. However, they might be pleased to be associated with a gift scheme that helps improve the lives of African Christians in Malawi.

Many of our projects are available as an alternative gift for any special occasion. You simply select a gift from those featured on the following pages of this website, complete the form - also available on this website, and send it to us at the address on the top of this form together with payment for the project that you have chosen. Alternatively, you could write a letter to us at the address given in the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website, giving details of the gift that you would like together with payment.

When we receive your form or letter, we will send you a card that you can send to your chosen recipient. On the front of this card will be a photograph of the type of project that you have chosen.  On the inside of the card will be information about your chosen gift, a brief explanation that you have given this project on their behalf and a blank space in which you can write an appropriate message for the occasion that is being celebrated.  

We give below some practical information about this scheme:  

First, we have added £1 to the cost of each gift to go towards the cost of the card, envelope and postage.

Second, we would be grateful if you would fill in a separate form for each different gift.  However, if you want to order several gifts for the same project, you can use one form.

Please could you write your name and address clearly, together with your postcode, and let us know if you do not receive your card within 10 days.