Relief Consignments

We are seeking to love, respect and encouragement to churches overseas through sending consignments of relief. These consignments are currently being sent to a church group in Malawi, who oversee the distribution of these consignments in Malawi and Mozambique.  Church leaders distribute these goods as they consider most appropriate in their situation.
All the items that we send are prepared, packed and documented by a number of packing groups which have been set up throughout the UK.  Each group packs and documents their own boxes according to our instructions so that good standards and unity are maintained.
Our consignments include a variety of different items, most of which are second-hand.  In western countries second-hand clothing and bedding have almost no value whatsoever, but in poorer countries people can be in great need of such simple items:  The value of which can be very high when compared with an average income.  
Even second-hand clothing, which is now available in many parts of Africa, costs considerably more than in this country, and would be expensive for most people.  Many people in Africa are subsistence farmers with almost no income at all, and so by providing them with clothing and bedding, we are enabling them to use their very limited funds on other essential needs.
Instead of throwing surplus items away, we are seeking to express God’s love and concern by sending out good quality second-hand clothing and bedding which is prepared and packed with love, so as to look like new.  Each article of clothing is washed, ironed, folded and placed into a polythene bag, with a label in the recipients' own local language saying:  'We send greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ', together with the size and a description of the garment             

Putting Clothing into Polythene Bags

enclosed.  The bedding is prepared and packed in a similar way.
Details of the items that required for and Mozambique, together with instructions for the preparation and packing of these items, is given in a Packing Manual that we provide for each packing group.  This manual also contains language translations for clothing labels, and a collection of master copies that can be photocopied and used in the packing process.
We also refurbish sewing machines and send these to other countries through a number of different organizations. We receive a large number of sewing machines  from contacts arranged through sewing machine shops, when those who purchase a new machine want to find a good home for their old one.
In fact we receive so many second-hand sewing machines that we would appreciate some more help with overhauling these machines.  We would be able to provide some training on how to do this work to anyone who would be interested.  All sewing machines are sent out in good, clean, working order with a supply of needles and bobbins.  
All prepared goods are packed into banana boxes in order to avoid wasting space, and therefore money, transporting our goods to Africa.  
Each completed box has an reference code and number.  The preparation of the documentation includes a certificate listing all the box reference codes in that consignment.  This certificate is sent to the consignees, who check the safe arrival of each box, complete the certificate, and return it to us.  We forward a copy of each completed certificate to each group who has boxes in that consignment.
To date we have sent 133 x 20ft container consignments to East Africa.  We now send small part-consignments in another charity’s 40ft shipping container.
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A Gentleman receiving some
clothing in Malawi