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Crop Diversification        Gifts from £10-£35
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10 kg Soya Bean Seeds: Soya beans add protein to a diet and fix nitrogen in the soil. Soya has a very high sale value and can therefore be sold as a cash crop.

35kg Ground Nuts

Reference No: DC7

Cost:  £21

10kg Masika Maize

Reference No: DC3

Cost:  £15
35 kg Ground Nuts: Ground nuts add protein to a diet, can be sold as a cash crop and fixes nitrogen in the soil. 35kg of seed is required for each acre.

20kg Masika Maize

Reference No: DC8

Cost:  £29
10kg Soya Bean Seeds     Gift Reference DC2      Cost £10
10 kg Masika Maize Seeds: Masika is a very high-yielding maize which takes only 75-85 days to mature and yields 3,000-4,000kg of cobs per acre.
20 kg Masika Maize Seeds: Masika is a high-yielding maize which matures in just over half the time of local maize and produce a yield seven-times higher.

50kg Fertilizer

Reference No: F1

Cost:  £35

50kg Fertilizer:  Using fertilizer can increase the yield of Masika maize from 5-30 x 50 kg bags to 55-70 x 50kg bags per acre. 100kg is required per acre.