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Working in Partnership with the Church in Africa

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Two Bibles: Bibles cost more than most rural farmers can afford We provide Bibles through the Bible Society who have Bibles in a variety of local languages.
Christian Resources  Gifts from £11-£24

One Study Bible: The Bible Society have recently produced a Study Bible in Chichewa which includes a concordance. This will provide significant help for pastors.

Ten Bible Studies: We have produced some Bible studies in Chichewa and Portuguese which include lessons on some of the New Testament principles.

Ten Bible Studies

Reference No: CR7

Cost:  £11

Two Bibles

Reference No: CR1

Cost:  £12

One Study Bible    Gift Reference CR6    Cost £11

One Proclaimer

Reference No: CR8

Cost:  £16

Four Bibles

Reference No: CR3

Cost:  £24

One Proclaimer: Proclaimers contain a chip holding the text of the whole Bible in Chichewa. They are operated by using solar power of by hand-winding.

Four Bibles: Although we have provided many Bibles, the need still remains. Bibles were distributed in one area where eight churches were sharing two Bibles.